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Sun goes after Adobe Apollo, Ajax, Silverlight

The dust has hardly settled after Microsoft's unveiling of its Silverlight beta, or Sun Microsystems is making a plunge into the rich internet application market.

Dsc00067 The server vendor on Tuesday will unveil its Java FX technology, providing a fourth way to develop online applications. Sun has a small edge over its competitors, because Java FX tied directly into Java and therefore comes with a army of about 6m developers worldwide.

Dsc00068 Few people expect Microsoft, Adobe or Ajax to disappear just because of this announcement, but the market place certainly just got a bit more competitive.

Below you watch a video with a demonstration of the new technology with Java inventor James Gosling and Sun's software chief Rich Green.

Picture above left: code with accompanying image (click to enlarge)
Picture above right: Rich Green (click to enlarge)

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Sounds great to me

Posted-by: Joe | 8 May 2007 06:38:27

How do we know what they showed is not just a mockup? Do they have any plan to release source codes of the demo very soon?

Posted-by: Fred | 8 May 2007 17:34:16

RE: Fred. Yes, there is code - Sun showed it at the demo where I shot this video and today at JavaOne. Added the picture above for your reference.

The developer tools btw will be coming in the future, and will be open source. No projected launch date yet.

Posted-by: SV Sleuth | 8 May 2007 17:42:07

Adobe has a big uphill battle - proprietary code, with proprietary tools, with little/no presence on mobile handsets. I don't see it happening. Good on Sun for totally getting their act in gear. Their new scripting stuff looks great, total gap filler.

Posted-by: Anton Elahui | 9 May 2007 02:59:07

Regarding the comment about Adobe has little/no presense on mobile handsets:

Most device manufacturers in Korea (e.g. Samsung, LG and other smaller companies) are moving to Flash Lite for device UI instead of Java. They're also using Flash UI for other electronics, such as HDTV, navigation systems, home automation systems...etc.

Most new Nokia phones can either run Flash Lite content as standalone applications, or as screensavers and dynamic wallpapers.

Regarding proprietary code and tools: Have you looked at their open source initiatives including Flex framework, ActionScript for Mozilla (Tamarin), AJAX framework, or tools such as Flex Builder?

Posted-by: Dave Yang | 9 May 2007 04:31:30

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